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My Introduction To Meteorites

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:04 pm    Post subject: My Introduction To Meteorites  Reply with quote

Back on Grandpa and Grandma's farm was where we were mostly raised through our older youth. It was also home for us and our aunt and uncle. It laid at the far edge of our small town, but it was the center of the universe too.

Most of my friends lived only miles away, which with a bike under my tail was just a short trip for me. Our closest neighbor down the road, however, was also the home of 2 of the boys I hung out with quite often as we hunted, hiked, discovered secrets, and camped at my grandpa's pond at the corner of the property, and just a holler from our trailer...which comes into play because we'd inevitably spend almost all night fishing, and believe me, when we'd catch an 8 or 10 pound Cat(fish) at 2AM, everyone knew it  q15

Doug and Terry Seifert were the neighbor boys, ornery, but smart enough to get ME to be the one to get caught all the time.......... q11 , and then there was Matt, my younger brother (when we'd let him hang with us) (shhh...he was Mostly OK).

The pond was a magical place of growth and discovery for us all (what with all the "boy talk" that went on during those times, mainly because of my older sisters friends...pond, girls, uh-huh)  demonic angel (yes, but "other" learning too).

The high school kids would somehow always hide their beer in a mile section of our ditches, and, somehow, they were never able to retrieve it...sorry, I digressed for a moment   angel5  angel13  angel4  

I had always been a sky watcher, and falling stars had always intrigued me, but I had never seen one fall to earth, nor had anyone I knew, until one night about 3AM when everyone else was asleep.

I had awaken and decided to check on my poles, since we were tight-lining for catfish, but as I looked east across the pond, above the old willows that stood so high above the damn, a brilliant, perfectly shaped, round orange ball appeared for about 3 seconds as it slowly drifted from tree top to tree top, then disappearing as quickly as it had appeared in the night's sky. There had been no sound, and it was silent that night; no tail; and no crash of it falling. It hadn't even shot across at an angle, as if to hit the ground. It had simply floated freely, for me, and only me, to witness.

I was already into rocks and minerals, but this had created a new aspect to my entire soul. I now have a piece of the Moon, and one of Mars (both smaller than small is to a wiggle worm), and many from universal meteor falls from around the world (which I use the latter ones to create with).

How many eons did it take to get these to me? How many millions of years had they been zipping about the universe? How many stories could they tell me? How I wish I could give this type of curiosity to my heirs, even to the world!

As shown in another post concerning wood crafts, I do use meteors as symbology to aspects of my creations. I do believe that if one listens properly, and closely, that they have stories and strengths to impart to their bearer...mostly, I believe they are just AWESOME!  offtheair  offtheair

Though I have the same staff shown in the other topic section, I will share a photo or two of what can be done with these tiny stones of space, besides just to drool over the cost of some of them...

This shows the top area of this staff. The "surround" of the rutilated quartz stone are meteorites from a China fall.

And the lower is of the staff itself.

I always dreamed of one day getting a high priced metal detector and going to grandpa's old farm to hunt for that one, unlikely, source of my hobby and day   Rolling Eyes   Until that time, maybe my story can inspire someone else's story, or some young person to become "Curious".

Peace out  q43

Knowledge is both power and pain-filled...used well, and at its best, it is Growth! So, argue the point, not the person

The abyss was dank and empty...until I found the hands and warmth of Fire!
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