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The Amazing Ghost Stories of Our Hobby, and, The Reality of

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:55 pm    Post subject: The Amazing Ghost Stories of Our Hobby, and, The Reality of  Reply with quote

This story is fact, but it's also THE quid essential rarity within our industry:

Within our auction area, no more than 40 miles from me, a local auctioneer holds Specialty Auctions every month to three.

I enjoy going to these auctions, but I normally don't since he brings in buyers from all over the country, and the prices go out of site for this old country boy.

He is also highly experienced as an auctioneer of numerous decades, but even he can make a mistake.

Last year he held one of these special auctions, and though he normally goes through each and every box, this time he didn't.

No one knows if the bidder knew what she was bidding on at the time that she paid less than $10 for a box of stuff, but she soon found out that she had purchased one of those Treasures Within A Locked Trunk!

She had purchased a Laurel and Hardy Political Pinback Button, one that was extraordinarily RARE!

She placed it on eBay, starting at 99 cents, and a week later she collected $50,000 in cash from the buyer who had flown in just to pick the pinback up.......................  q42   we, NORMAL buyers can only pray for an item of this caliber!

That doesn't mean that we can't, or never, find high valued items, at low costs to us; on the contrary, if you go to enough sales or auctions, sooner or later you are going to pay 50 cents for an item worth hundreds to thousands of $. I have purchased more than my share of these items before...and it is SO FUN!

I have dug up these amazing finds in the dirt, found them through sales and auctions, and been given the chance to save them from certain destruction of their falling in domiciles by their owners (at shared profits)...I can't decide which are the more cool, but here are 2 of my great Near Free finds -

These 3 photos are of a German Styled American Boys Jacket from the 1860's era, and a photo of the child wearing it...found within one of those dilapidating structures (the owner didn't feel anything would be found).

And then there were the complete set of wooden, round, shaker spice canisters that had come across on wagon train, in near perfect condition:

One never knows what Surprises await them at the next sale...I guess that's part of the reason we do this!

Knowledge is both power and pain-filled...used well, and at its best, it is Growth! So, argue the point, not the person

The abyss was dank and empty...until I found the hands and warmth of Fire!
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