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Difference Between "Scavenging" and "Digs&quo

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 5:44 pm    Post subject: Difference Between "Scavenging" and "Digs&quo  Reply with quote

Many antiques and collectibles are "Finds", items that are not purchased or given by another. Of course a Find can also be seen as any item(s) of chance - such as finding it at a rummage sale, but any True Find is either dug or scavenged by the individual my view. Scavenging and digs are both ways to Find objects - bottles, marbles, jars, and Civil War relics being possibly the most common of of dug finds.

"Scavenging" is now a dangerous and illegal way to Find any object, but when I was a kid it was common place since I knew all the old codgers and if they would care or not. Scavenging involves searching old dwellings, homes, buildings, which were sometimes dangerous due to age and misuse. When I can find an owner who doesn't care, i always use the greatest of caution, simply because #1 I am on someone elses property and do not want to do any harm to animal, bug, wasp, or structure that may already be in dangerous disrepair - possibly even rotted floors, walls, roofs, with wasp nests, racoons and other animals and babies, or hidden nails, splinters, etc - and #2 is that id want the owners to have the right to view the items removed so that they have to op to claim it as a family heirloom or recover at least a portion of its value if sold...most want nothing to do with any item found, unless it is truely an heirloom, or cash (yes, I have found a lot of cash in old delapedated homes) - #3, and just as important, is that I do not wish to die or be serriously injured in the process, and if I am, I take 100% responsibility. They have, after all, trusted my expertise on these hunts. Wrongly scavengingon an unknown property could aso be met by a shotugn or the law.

"Digs" are exactly what hey sound like - taking a shovel or stick, spay, metal detector, etc and digging the ground where there may once have sat a family or town dump site, home, outhouse,  play area, or medical dump site to find treaures. The Digs can also be dangerous if you are unaware...bugs to be the least of issues found. Permission to dig Has to be granted by the owner of the land, and normally some sort of "split" will be accepted by the owner with regards to what IS found, not what might be found IF all goes well.

Gaining permission for either of these hunts is key, and in this modern day of land/home owners possibly living in another state, or being unknown by the neighbors, can be difficult at best, if not impossible. Safety being the next most important factor!

Animal urine, feces, and nasty bug issues when digging or scavenging

In another gruoup I joined (Antique Doll Collectors Corner) they were discussing when or if to replace or clean a dolls dress because of damage by rats chewing, and probably urinating on the dress, which brings up a good point for this document, and being in or around old damaged homes/remodels/digs (digs to some point).

As we find items in old, and probably nasty homes, I was always comming into contact with live or dead animals, and/or their ancient or newer nests. Much of this was apparent, but this fact can also include purchases or finds even in apparently cleaner sturctures, yard sales, etc...........roaches and mice are nasty creatures, and any item Should be cleaned if it is going to be handled, given, moved, sold, collected, or placed in a trunk in your attic!

Insects such as Roaches can be just as yucky to take into any other structure becase roaches and spiders, and the like, lay their eggs in everything (boxes, electronics, on and in items). If ever searching or buying and the place is infested - I would never take home or purchase. No amount of prep, barring complete deconstruction and rebuilding can protect from those critters infecting your home! I was once a Kansas City Property Manager. I got first look at all homes and buildings, and rights to freely take anything I wanted. One roach is equivalent to NOT seing thousands! One home must have had tens-of-thousands of roaches running on, in and around, and ont every inch of the place, all babies.........GROSS!

I Love so much from Finds, but even I use common sense - if possible to the item, use some form of bleach or milder disinfectant always!

Knowledge is both power and pain-filled...used well, and at its best, it is Growth! So, argue the point, not the person

The abyss was dank and empty...until I found the hands and warmth of Fire!
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