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A Real Life Story, for those who think they have too much to

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:59 pm    Post subject: A Real Life Story, for those who think they have too much to  Reply with quote

A Real Life Story, for those who think they have too much to bear

Our past issues have  possible youth business thoughts, all seasons, and I have ran out of more, they also have some crafting and other easier to watch over projects as well as one odd business venture that proves that not ALL businesses are common items of need, but, for this story I will venture into Proof that even the most impaired of children are worthy to give set chances to - to flagrantly Inspire as well!

Most of us know Tarzan, and how he came to find his parents hut, discover books, and teach himself to read, well, this is a true to life story that I was Highly Blessed to hear and take Heart from.

In the early to mid 1990's I was blessed to be a mental health worker, blessed by the people I cared for - Not by the politics of that life!

Later on, after leaving the one place, I was blessed to be the main caregiver to a man who had lost control of his motorcycle at the age of 18, and he lost some basic human abilities, including most of his memory after the event.....recalling well his earlier years...To protect his life, and to Honor the requirement not to discuss names or too many facts, his first name was Joe........a joy for the most part!

This is not about Joe, but about an event that I was with him at.

He and I were invited by the company in charge of his interests to join a Kansas Law seminar on the mentally disabled, in Salina, Kansas, where I sat in awe for one major speaker as she told her harsh, true, and Powerful story. I do not recall her name ( I wish with everything I could because folks like she deserve all the accolades possible for what they have underwent and see), but I do recall every word and sight that day that involved her.

My life has been wrought with many challenges, a lot of physical and emotional pain, etc....................and I would not change it for a second if it meant having to undergo what some children and adults must endure! This is what I saw and learned that day, though I already knew aspects of my being far better off than many others even before this event.

In so many ways the days there with Joe were great, and then as we sat in the main hall listening to thoughts and ideas a lady was introduced as the main speaker for all.

Her assistant brought her upon the stage in her wheelchair behind the podium, and as she was lifted to sit on the podium, and the microphone was placed in her everbearing small hands. I got chills.

Her stance was, at best, 3 feet from her stubbed legs to the top of her head. She could barely handle the microphone, but she had a powerful voice and story to share...and this is parts of what she told, as close to my recollection as possible.

Her mom and dad did not really know one another at all because her mom had been a drug addict and prostitute, but she carried this lady to term.

Barely after she was born, so deformed and crippled, the mother threw her into a garbage can, just outside of a door at a hospital, and closed she then the lid on the baby.

A nurse just happened to hear a whimper and rescued this child that for the next decade all doctors and nurses said would die next month or a little longer.......never giving her further notice other than minimal health care.

Many times in that first 10 years of life she had begged to be allowed to go to school, or at least to have a book, but every time she asked they just simply told her " are dying and too stupid"..............

There was one single nurse to take notice of the child, of HER, and she finally talked this nurse into giving her one book............and the child learned to read!YEAH BABY!!

Still, no school because she was "just going to die and was too stupid", plus schools were not set up for the handicapped back then. She Knew she was not stupid, so should have they all, and she refused to go into a school for the mentally handicapped who would die..........somehow, she made her way into "normal" school, and she Excelled!

Through Only the gift of that one book, and her brazen determination, this young lady graduated and went onto colleges and a major university later, to graduate with High Honors!

I can't tell you how many times I, and so many others I have seen or heard of and from, have pitied our selves for our minor challenges, and though it might be true that challenges are relative to the person, I can Not imagine the challenges this lady, and others, must endure!

We each Must not faultier in our regards for what all another goes through, especially not our young, and we do have to recall our own Blessings, to fight the Good Fights ahead!

By the way, when I met this lady - she was in her 30' much for "going to die and stupid"YEAH BABY!YEAH BABY!YEAH BABY!YEAH BABY!YEAH BABY!YEAH BABY!YEAH BABY!YEAH BABY!YEAH BABY!

Crutches are a wonderful thing, until you let them be demanded beyond use.

Ronald D Caple

Knowledge is both power and pain-filled...used well, and at its best, it is Growth! So, argue the point, not the person

The abyss was dank and empty...until I found the hands and warmth of Fire!
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