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Community Involvement - It Truly Does Take A Village I

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:06 pm    Post subject: Community Involvement - It Truly Does Take A Village I  Reply with quote

Community Involvement - It Truly Does Take A Village

We dedicate this page for the “What Were You Thinking”, member or personal ideas on how They reacted and how They thought as a youngster; and, how WE might help guide our children, grandchildren, family members, and community as a whole, into a better direction (other than the X-Box and Drama), and how the youth in our lives can find More Within their self than they ever felt before

Directions and methods are Never set in stone with youth - each person is different, and each can be enticed by watching for that glimmer in their eyes that says they have a beginning interest

Discover all free and low-cost groups near-by (Scouts, FFA, FHA, Community Centers, Elderly Centers, Homeless Shelters, church groups, clubs, art centers, museums, natural areas to visit, parks, zoo's, lakes, and more are available, even here in a small town area) These might not excite ALL young people but look for that tiny gleam of “Hmmm - Maybe?”, and “egg it on to its fullest” - This idea stays a standard in all future issues

Use colloquial terms that make them think - It's a plug nickel (It is worthless)- squashed like a bug on a windshield (no longer viable) - If you want something different than you've ever gotten, then do something different than you've ever done (what you have been trying isn't working, so why try it again and get the same results?)

Practice using a new word in front of them every day (a standard for all issues) - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (according to - According to the film, it is defined as “something to say when you have nothing to say”.

Discourage listening to Street Trash - music, TV, and radio that downgrades any attempt at decency or family values - puts girls and women down - makes heroes out of inside-ugly people and thugs, or makes violence ok

Take them for a walk through any store or shop, of any type, and ask them what they would do differently to draw in business, what is missing in what they offer, or to make any one item better.

Write, Think, and Write Again

Enjoy a friendly “Business Idea Get Together” with their friends, classmates, brothers, sisters, cousins, or club group to discuss any possible business ideas (good and bad both - what seems bad at first might actually be worked into something great at a later date in time) - - - Have one person take notes, or have it cam-corded (this also protects everyone involved if a business idea works and someone else takes the credit for it outside of those present) (or also use both of those methods of recording for best results) (agree this is a secret meeting not to be spoken of outside of the people involved --- the meetings should progress from one idea to another at first (for 30 minutes at maximum), and then to which ideas are we able to do and why), to costing and research --- each meeting can be one phase of the process (discovering new ideas in the first - talking about each and picking one on another - research and cost out of that one on the next meet) - if the idea does not work, then move on to the next that might, and so forth --- Have your parents permission, and maybe an adult who can help to keep the group focused on the one discussion, besides, you need sandwiches and drinks - no movies or TV, and no outsiders except those adults who might help --- and always remember, NO idea is stupid, but some do work better than others in your area

Watch the series, “The Profit” and “Shark Tank”, “Billy Bob's something” with the group, or with your own child as you work on any stupid or useful idea together - and challenge them to come up with something that everybody needs, and nobody has (or that is better than what they already have) - and watch the fun as their excitement grows --- even should all attempts be found not to be a sell-able idea or business, the experience brings them and you closer to success with each and every try

For now, those suggestions are what we offer - let me know of your ideas at (you will be given credit) – you and they will be given credit

Ronald D Caple
Thumb Left  study [/b]

Knowledge is both power and pain-filled...used well, and at its best, it is Growth! So, argue the point, not the person

The abyss was dank and empty...until I found the hands and warmth of Fire!
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